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There is no question about Dubai is a city of wonders. It is not just famous about its tourist policies but it also has a vibrant nightlife, luxurious lifestyle, and modern architecture. However, we cannot ignore the hidden gems in the city these gems are worth exploring one of the gem is Hatta Hill Tour from Dubai.

Guide plan for Hatta hill tour from Dubai

What is Hatta Hill? It is a traditional mountain village offering a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and scenic beauty. In this tour we will take you to Hatta Dam, the Hatta Heritage Village, and the Hatta Hill Park. In this package we help you to experience exciting activities and attractions.

Here’s a comprehensive guide packages for our Hatta Hill Tour from Dubai.

Travel Options

There is multiple options we offer to travel from Dubai to Hatta, We offer pick up and drop off services from the hotel you are staying in Dubai.

Our budget friendly tour package includes transportation, guide services, and ticket fees for the attractions. Approximately these packages start from around AED 200 per person. You may add or reduce the charges by the inclusions and duration of the tour.

Attractions and Activities

However, in our incredible Hatta Hill Tour we have a lot to offer. We offer a wide range of activities and attractions. We make sure that there is something for everyone and our clients of every age enjoys to their fullest.

We have some must-visit attractions and activities in our travel plan of the Hatta Hill Tour.

1.     Hatta Dam

We suggest you to visit a man-made lake and reservoir which is The Hatta Dam. It offers relaxation by it stunning view of azure water and surrounding mountains.

The reviews we got from our clients are amazing. They have stated that “The dam is a perfect spot for a picnic”.

At dam we have a lot of water activities to enjoy like kayaking, paddle boating, and swimming.

2.     Hatta Heritage Village

In our package we make our clients a visit to The Hatta Heritage Village. Hatta is a restored traditional village it helps in understanding the traditional Emirati lifestyle. In this village you will see traditional houses, forts, mosques, and falaj irrigation systems.

This visit will help our clients an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the Emirati people.

3.     Hatta Hill Park

Moreover, we give our clients to visit a newly open adventure park that is The Hatta Hill Park. Here, you people can avail fun-filled activities for all ages.

In this park you may enjoy adventure sports like; zip line, bungee trampoline, human sling shot, and rope course. You may also enjoy in picnic areas, a children’s playground, and food stalls.

4.     Hatta Wadi Hub

If you are interested in sports adventure The Hatta Wadi Hub is best place for you. As it offers adrenaline-pumping sports activities such as mountain cycling, kayaking, zip lining and much more.

It has a lot to offer especially, for the people who love camping. Here, you can enjoy beautiful campsite with unique experience of camping in the midst of mountains and the desert. The campsite has comfortable tents, BBQ facilities, and activities such as bonfire and sand boarding.

5.     Hiking and Trekking

Hatta tour from Dubai gives you opportunity to visit mountainous region, and it offers a great opportunity for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. The mountain trails offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the trek to the Hatta Pools are a popular one. The Hatta Pools are natural rock pools that offer a refreshing swim in the midst of scenic surroundings.

6.     Food and Refreshments

The Hatta Hill Tour offers a perfect opportunity to savor the traditional Emirati cuisine. The Hatta Heritage Village and the Hatta Hill Park have food stalls that serve local snacks and delicacies such as luqaimat, ballet, and hares. You could also pack your own picnic basket and enjoy a meal amidst the natural surroundings.

A visit to the Hatta Hill Tour is a must for all those who wish to explore the hidden gems of Dubai and experience the traditional Emirati lifestyle. Plan your trip today and be ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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